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What is AppsUnite?


A solution to make your business more productive.



AppsUnite allows you control over the programs and tools specific to your business needs. You can assign a custom portal of apps to each of your employees within minutes allowing a quick and easy solution to an age-old problem. This means new and existing staff can hit the ground running from anywhere they have access to the internet with all of their required business tools on any device in minutes.


This App also provides you with secure file sharing for your employees, cutting down on unnecessary email bounce.  This enables you to have important manuals and induction material uploaded and shared on the new or existing staff members account straight away so there is minimal downtime and maximum benefit to you and your business.


AppsUnite currently supports over 1782 Apps from the App Store with some of the more popular being Office 365, Xero, Salesforce, Gmail and Dropbox.


No contracts. No lock-in periods. Just the world’s best cloud Apps with file sharing application for small, medium or enterprise size business for just $4.95/user/month.

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Manage your business tools easily

AppsUnite offers a secure way to manage all of your businesses tools, saving you time and money.


You assign the business tools to your employees as needed, and change or disable permissions quickly and easily with the click of a button. As the business owner or administrator, you remain in control and as your business grows this App is scalable to enables you to manage your team’s access rights to applications month by month. 

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100% Satisfied Clients

Electronic Living tell their AppsUnite story

Electronic Living are just one of many customers who have adopted AppsUnite in their business. Business owner and CEO Damian Cavanagh felt “it was an excellent productivity booster” and suited their needs for a simple but powerful file sharing solution, in addition to central access to cloud Apps.

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Secure, easy file management

AppsUnite provides simple yet powerful, secure file sharing amongst your employees.


1) Employees can store files within both private and public folders.


2) Files can be shared by the click of a button via a link.


3) You control who sees what; if an employee is disconnected, their files are locked down and only accessible by you, the business owner.


AppsUnite file sharing is backed by enterprise grade security ensuring that nothing is ever lost and everything is protected.

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Start sharing files securely today with AppsUnite.

Anywhere, Anytime


Login to AppsUnite anywhere, anytime on any device.



We’ve done all the work

You want the best, we’ve found the best. AppsUnite offers you, the business owner, the quickest and simplest way to discover brand new best-of-breed Apps with a growing catalogue of over 1782 Apps, including CRM, Accounting, Project Management, Operations, and many more. AppsUnite gives you immediate access to the worlds best all with one-click setup, providing total security and control.

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1 Easy to use Interface

AppsUnite’s 1 easy to use interface lets you manage your team members and control what Apps each team member has access to, all through one-click setup.  Assign or remove users to Apps seamlessly and ensure that your team members are using the right Apps while managing who sees what for a seamless and consistent user experience across any device.

Add and Remove Apps with a click

Get the apps you want and deploy them rapidly with a click. AppsUnite lets you add Apps on the go and remove those you don’t need anymore. Scaling your applications and provisioning them to new and existing team members has never been so easy, with thousands of Apps ready to go with one-click setup.

Control every App, File and Employee

AppsUnite makes it easy for you to stay in complete control, by allowing you to manage who gets what applications tightly across your entire team, to avoid security breaches. File management is effortless with easy to use controls ensuring everything remains within the businesses and in full view of you as the business owner. Staff can be added and removed rapidly within AppsUnite, while you remain in complete control for each individuals applications and files.

Secure your Data

Get control, security and peace of mind over your data. AppsUnite makes your data totally secure with enterprise grade security protecting every inch of your businesses information. Files are managed with AppsUnite allowing you to manage and control file structures and folders giving you complete security and control.




  • $4.95/user
  • Month-to-Month, No Lock-In Contracts
  • Add Unlimited  Apps
  •  Easy Secure File Sharing
  • 25GB Storage Included 
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