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Cloud based email – why it’s the best option

cloud-based-emailEmail – it’s used by millions each day both in the office and at home to send everything from messages, to business documents, to inbox clogging jokes. In the home, many people use the email address given to them when they sign up for their internet package. For example, an ISP such as iiNet will provide an email such as This seems fine for most people, but in reality is not the best option and can lead to major problems down the track. If you change providers, your address becomes history and you’re faced with the daunting task of updating all sites and people with the new address.


A much better solution is to use one of many free cloud based email services. Gmail, Hotmail (also known as and Yahoo are three of the most popular. You create an email address at any of these such as and that becomes your email ‘for life’. Many of these companies have been operating in excess of 15 years, so it’s very unlikely they’ll close anytime soon. Businesses can take advantage of these services as a back-end for hosting their email on their own domain, for example could use Gmail for their email needs.


But why cloud email? The benefits are numerous. Perhaps the biggest of these is access anywhere – you can read any of your emails on any device with an internet connection, as well as reply and action them as needed. For businesses, on premise email usually requires multiple servers which in turn need constant maintenance – cloud email eliminates this and is much lower cost long-term. Lastly, because cloud based email providers store messages in data centres off-site (usually encrypted), there is also built in redundancy which greatly lowers the chance of you losing messages.


AppsUnite offers a time saving, cost effective solution to access over 1700 cloud based apps in one portal, along with powerful file sharing. It has been built to harness all the benefits of cloud computing and can save your business considerable costs. Try AppsUnite today for $4.95pm with no contracts.

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