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AppsUnite Dashboard is where you take control of your team. Manage your Apps, Files and Users across the team effortlessly through Dashboard. Dashboard gives you the full picture of who is using what apps within your team and allows you to assign and provision Apps with a click while managing members and discover new apps to add to your team.















Sarah Hopton from Eyeman was able to create and manage appointments 30% quicker using AppsUnite, combining two separate online billing solutions. It took only 45 minutes to integrate into their optometrist business.

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Every team member gets a workspace to access the Apps you assign to them within AppsUnite. Team members also receive a file management area where they can upload, manage and share files to other team members and external parties via secure file links. The workspace is the central point of access for you and your team providing the tools you need to work from all day – no more switching between apps and logging in.


AppsUnite is a productivity tool designed to help teams work better together. Now you can have total control over your team members Apps and file privileges allowing you to securely and simply manage any team great or small, all from a single control panel. Provisioning applications across your entire a team is easy and done with a single click. Teams give admins full visibility of their members files and folders for complete control. Manage users through an easy to use control panel. Users are created with a click and access to workspaces is setup in seconds. Quick to deploy and easy to manage.















Files are made easy, with rapid upload, secure sharing and easy to use Admin controls. Share files rapidly with team members through easy to use folders. Send and attach large files quickly with links.



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Start sharing files securely today with AppsUnite.


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App Catalouge

Find your existing apps and discover new one through the AppsUnite App Catalogue. Browse over 1782 Apps in the App Catalogue, search by top apps, categories, and recommendations and find just what your looking for.