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How do you know what app to use for your business

AllApps1PlaceIt can be overwhelming to keep track of all the current, important apps out there in the marketplace. What’s even more complicated is how business owners manages their time, decide what apps are most suitable for their requirements, and how to use them effectively in their current work environment. Whilst the list of suitable apps varies by industry and business type, a number of key considerations are particularly important.


  • What is the purpose of the app, and what do business owners need to look at

Identifying the exact purpose of the app for your business, and the short to medium term goals of how it will make a noticeable difference to your company. For example, an architect out in the field might be looking for a drafting app to use on their iPad which will create quick 3D models of potential dwellings. Their goal of using the app is to easily visualise the building and communicate this to clients. By setting goals based on the purpose of the app you can ensure that the app delivers on your requirements.


  • Is it easy to use, and how quickly can it be set up

Some apps will take a significant time to setup and roll-out into the organisation. This can result in several weeks of downtime while each system has to be configured, and staff trained. Ease of use, also known as user experience, is also very important. An app that is easy to use is almost always a better choice than a more complex app where staff are unlikely to use the more obscure functions due to training issues. A business owner should always insist on a new app creating less work & hassle than an existing system.


  • Platform considerations

Whilst a majority of businesses are still using desktop & laptop PCs, other platforms such as Macs are rapidly growing in popularity. Beyond the PC, smartphones and tablets (Apple iPhones & iPads, Samsung Galaxy phones and Tab tablets) are growing even faster. It’s important how apps are chosen for their ability to run across multiple platforms seamlessly. An employee might wish to continue some work in an evening on their iPad or make a start to the week’s performance reporting on their smartphone. Flexible working options need to be considered by the business owners when choosing an app to rollout across their organisation.

How can AppsUnite help?

Our easy to setup, easy to use platform allows many different cloud based apps to be run in the one place, for example a Salesforce CRM app alongside Gmail, or a remote support. The platform has access to 1,782 apps ranging from simpler to more complex apps and is very customisable. Importantly, these apps run across all platforms (PC/Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad and other smartphones & tablets) and the security of your login details and data resides with the app maker – AppsUnite provides a connection between these in a very user-friendly, seamless way. Try AppsUnite today for only $4.95/month, with no minimum contracts.

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