AppsUnite | How it works

How it works

See AppsUnite in Action

A powerful, innovative and time saving platform.




Setup your Apps

Start with the top 30 Apps or select the Apps you want to use from our library of over 1700 apps and provision them across your team effortlessly with a click.



Enter your Credentials

On-board your Credentials. Take your existing application credentials and enter them through AppsUnite to link your Apps with your AppsUnite account. We do not store any of your passwords.


Access all your Apps

Once your login credentials are entered, you can access your apps from your AppsUnite account anytime, anywhere through your web browser. Click on an app and it opens within AppsUnite, creating a single point of contact for your entire team. Simple.






Upload your Files

Upload any file you like to your AppsUnite folder with a click.

Manage your files

Manage your files within your personal folder and your team folders. Control who can see what in your folders with easy to manage permissions.


Share your files securely

Share files simply with a click between users using folders, or copy a short link to files for rapid sharing to external parties.