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Office is now on your iPad!

Office Web AppsIt took them some time, but did you know Microsoft has released Office for the iPad? Or more specifically, you’ll find versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint in the App Store that have been uniquely crafted for the iPad, and make it easy to edit your files and spreadsheets in a touch-friendly way. These apps are not cut down versions; rather, they’re full featured and make excellent use of touch and the smaller screen size – with a similar, but ‘tweaked’ feel versus their desktop counterparts. For example, Excel has a custom iPad keyboard for formulas and Word allows tracking changes as you work with others on the one document. Respected tech journalist Ed Bott from ZDNet asserts that they set the “gold standard for tablet productivity” and the apps are “feature-rich, powerful tools for editing Office documents”.


The apps are free to download – if you have an Office 365 subscription you can use them to view, create, edit and save documents. However in a smart move by Microsoft, you can still download and use these without an active subscription, but you’ll be limited to opening and viewing files only.


See the screenshots below for samples of the Excel and Word apps. You can install them today by visiting the App Store on any iPad.


Excel for iPad


Word for iPad

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