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Why Dropbox isn’t the best solution


Why Dropbox isn’t the best solution

You’ve probably heard of Dropbox, an online storage solution where your files are stored in the ‘cloud’. It’s used by many people to store sensitive, personal information like documents and spreadsheets, health records, bank statements and other items. Businesses use it too – but this can be a costly mistake for several reasons. Dropbox is not a secure medium due to how the service handles its authentication, as security researcher D. Newton discovered. Hackers could access files and folders using the Dropbox ID of a user ‘left behind’ on a PC system. “Even if the user changes their password, the ID will continue to work” he adds. Employers who encourage their staff to use Dropbox also have the impossible task of recalling sensitive company data if that employee leaves the company. Steven Vigeant from Business 2 Community sums up that “when this data includes customer information, financial records or proprietary documents, you open up your business to some serious security threats.” Dropbox itself is built with an average level of security that is ‘good enough’ for basic usage scenarios, but in reality fails to adequately support business owners. ZDNet reported that hundreds of usernames and passwords were stolen from the Dropbox service for a second time in late 2012, which left hundreds of business owners with sensitive documentation exposed to the world.


You need to be in complete control of your data and confident of its security. So, what is the solution?


AppsUnite is different – you have complete control over who can store, view and change your data. In addition, you can access 30+ of the most popular apps in a unique app portal. A business owner or team manager can assign folders to relevant employees and change this within seconds. It’s a smarter, more focused solution where the right people access the right data, at the right time. Try AppsUnite today for just $4.95/month.

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